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We are looking for a confident, enthusiastic and passionate Account Manager to join our team at We Are Social. You’ll be working with an experienced Account Director across multiple accounts for exciting brands.


As an Account Manager, we look to you to proactively help your Account Director to manage both your teams and your clients to deliver the best solutions that We Are Social can offer. Your role is focused upon day-to-day delivery – you will manage the day-to-day requests of your clients and it is your responsibility to ensure that your tasks are completed within given timelines, to budgets and to the exceptionally high standard expected from our clients. We are also asking you to look to the future too, day to day, week to week and the coming months ahead. You need to be conducting business in an effective manner with attention to detail and accuracy in all communication either internal or external. You will also be checking on the accuracy and standards of work of your direct reports if applicable.

We do expect you to keep abreast of the industry for emerging trends and creative practices, educating not only your own team but also the wider team here. We are looking to you to keep your Account Director and clients updated and engaged with relevant industry practice.


The nature of We Are Social’s business requires a high level of flexibility, common sense and versatility. While the specific content of your role is clearly defined, the nature of the demands placed on us and the creativity of our campaigns means that the role will evolve over time and needs a ‘can do’ approach to picking projects up and making them happen.

We expect you to show confidence and competence in some key areas and the attached document will explain these in more detail

Some of your key duties will include:

  • Management of day-to-day client activities including status reports and status meetings. Comfortable in attending status meetings on own without an Account Director present
  • Ensuring that all activity follows the WAS sign off processes and paying close attention to detail to ensure that all deliverables that are sent to clients are of the best quality and standard
  • Creation of client presentations as required
  • Developing and running creative and content campaigns
  • Attending client meetings and developing rapport and relationships with key clients and a wider interagency team
  • Compiling budgets and timelines for clients
  • Forecasting and accurate reconciliations to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget
  • Managing the work priorities of yourself and your project team. Being able to thrive in a very fast paced environment
  • What are we looking for?

  • A confident, passionate and enthusiastic Account Manager with at least 3-4 years of experience in a creative agency working in social
  • Articulate and able to present confidently to both clients and internal team.
  • A curiosity for the brightest and best in social, and translating this into brilliant creative and editorial executions

    An Account Manager at We Are Social should be confident in all of the areas laid out below:


    As an Account Manager you will need to harness your interpersonal and communication skills appropriately to motivate and inspire your team and your peers towards achievement. You need to carefully nurture the ability to change your behaviour to accommodate tasks, situations and the individuals involved. Your progression with these skills will be demonstrated by the way in which you help to develop your Account Executives (if applicable). Demonstrating your growing ability to ‘manage’ a situation rather than just taking instruction is important in your own success. Inspire confidence in your knowledge and abilities from both senior and junior members of the team. Also you should start to really understand your team and the vital role you play within it.

    Client Management

    You are expected to be the main point of contact with your clients and help your Account Director in managing your client accounts. Clear understanding of the project, high levels of organization and the ability to engage confidently with your client will help you succeed. Understand your client’s expectations and work with your team to ensure that these are met. As an Account Manager, we are expecting you to think ahead and support your Account Director and/or Senior Account Manager in the strategic planning of your accounts. Building good relationships with your clients is the key way that We Are Social win and retain business. Start to understand the problems and challenges that they face as a brand or an organization, Work with your Account Director to manage their expectations, over-deliver on your promises to them, try to find ways to go beyond the call of duty and make their life easier.

    Project Management

    Ensure that on each client and project, you understand the agreed course of action and your role within that project. Deadlines need to be met. It is your responsibility to make sure that this happens and where you encounter problems, you need to address these early and in time for solutions to be found. Exceptional and regular communication and together with clear agreed targets will help you to achieve in this area. You should also be spending some time thinking laterally about your project, using your experience to try and foresee possible outcomes, mitigating them where necessary.

    Industry Knowledge and Expertise

    Continue to build on your understanding of social media. Research and share the trends that are changing within the industry. Keep abreast with events, creative campaigns and news from the wider scene. Share your knowledge with those around you and also use the expertise available to broaden your own development.


    Commit to your actions – you need to take full responsibility for all the tasks and activities related to your appointed clients and also to raise and solve any issues that you see arising. You are part of the team and a key support to your Account Director and Senior Account Manager. We do expect you to show your own initiative within the realm of your role proactively working to help to solve the problems you encounter. Broadening your understanding of the full picture of your project, client and team will help give you the tools you need to fully be accountable for your work.


    Start to nurture the ability to look at your projects strategically. Question where necessary and ensure that you understand the goals you are trying to achieve. As you move upwards you will be expected to demonstrate a structured strategic approach to your clients and your work so this is the time to learn from the people above you.


    Present professionally at all times, demonstrate your expertise by nurturing the ability to articulate your presentation in a logical and convincing way. You will need to learn how to adapt your style to the specific situation, including condensing the key points to communicate effectively in a short space of time.

    Tolerance of Stress

    You will need to start to adopt strategies which enable you to maintain effective performance whilst under pressure. You will need to focus on making appropriate responses during stressful or pressurised situations. Solid logical planning, effective time management, good communication and above all the ability to manage expectations both internally and externally will help you to achieve in this area.

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