ROBOROCK ‘Every Room An Adventure’

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Roborock Every Room An Adventure case study


While the Roborock S7 MaxV series has been the leader in the robotic vacuum industry for years, it’s brand awareness was lacking. The brief was to create an impressive campaign to champion the product KSPs and crown Roborock as king of the category.


No matter how attractive a product may be, customers regard a vacuum as just another boring household cleaning tool. The greatest way to challenge their thinking is to create an unusual association or unexpected analogy for a vacuum.


Connect with audience in a way that is culturally relevant, fun and unexpected. Inspired by the LOTR series and the game Elden Ring, we depict the robot vacuum cleaner as a hero in a medieval magical world, and blend the product’s KSP into its journey.


High impressions and engagements

Upon launching the campaign in the realms of the US, France, Spain and Germany, we pillaged over 66 million impressions and over 750 000 engagements.


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