adidas #boostmi: launch of a revolution


As you may have read in Style & Fashion, Assodigitale or Think.BigChief last week, we recently supported adidas in the Italian launch of its new adidas Energy Boost running shoes.

BOOST™ isn’t just a name – it’s actually a technology that is set to revolutionise the world of running. So, with a lot of expectation from running enthusiasts, sports fans and fashion followers alike, we wanted to make the launch event in Milan as revolutionary as the shoes themselves.

So, what did we do? We put together the biggest live content projection and video mapping ever realised in Italy. We used the hashtag #boostmi to allow fans and followers to keep track of the activities on Twitter and Instagram, sharing content simultaneously with live streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

We also documented and projected an incredible feat by the vertical running World Champion Thomas Dold live on to the outside of the Grattacielo Pirelli skyscraper. The crowd watched in amazement as he charged up the 31 floors of the inside of the building in less than four minutes. Of course, he was wearing adidas Energy Boost running shoes…

But what made this campaign so successful was what we did in the run up to the event, bringing offline and online worlds together to create a truly immersive experience for adidas fans.

This experience started on social media, was developed in store and culminated in the incredible launch event. Throughout the campaign, the adidas running community was kept at the centre of things, giving them a genuinely integrated experience from day one.

So, how did it work? The first step was to start involving people and getting the ‘energy’ message out. We launched a competition, using a Facebook app, for the adidas running community which people could use to express their concept of energy, the fundamental element of BOOST™ technology.

Their response was used to create a personalised, online card, which they then shared on their Facebook timeline, and could ask their friends to support their card with a vote. Ten winners were then selected based on number of votes and the quality of their entry, and they were given an exclusive invite to the adidas BOOST™ launch afterparty, a star-studded event held on the 31st floor of the Grattacielo Pirelli.

To further raise awareness, we selected key influencers from the running and lifestyle social communities that had created an energy card, and sent them a personalised outreach gift box. This gave them a taste of what addias BOOST™ is all about, containing a USB stick with a video personalised to them, asking them to join the community, as well as an adidas BOOST™ t-shirt and of course, an invite to the party.

The campaign was also promoted through a series of testimonials from some of Italy’s best-known sporting heroes, from Montolivo to Nocerino, and from Castrogiovanni to Gallinari. The stars helped encourage the adidas community share their concept of what energy represents with the rest of the world through personalised videos.

And then there was the final event. We can’t really do it justice in words, so watch this to get a taste of what the action on the day was like:

We want to thank the adidas Italia team for believing in this amazing project, and for the support we received from Elena Terrini (event management), the guys at Recipient (projections/video mapping), STS (technical projection production), Kaizeen (video and steaming) and Luigi Acerra and Giacomo Carnaghi (photographers).