We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #276


Unilever confirm that positive social media mentions drive sales
Shawn O’Neal, VP-Global People Data and Marketing Analytics at Unilever has announced that recent findings have proved that social media buzz does really drive sales. O’Neal has said that these were enough to convince Unilever’s senior leadership about social media. He must be buzzin’.

Facebook offer new reassurances about ad-views
Some brands have had the barefaced cheek to question whether Facebook users actually see the ads they pay to promote to them. What’s that? You’d like something back for your investment? Well, Facebook has come back with two answers to this troubling trend. The first is that it will be working with Moat, a digital-measurement company to check how often advertisements are seen and the second is that it will now be offering a premium buying choice with an option to only pay for an ad when the entire unit appears on the user’s screen. This no doubt comes in response to big hitters like Unilever, Kellogg’s and WPP pushing for better standards in this area: “Three seconds—and 50 percent of video online not listened to with sound—is ludicrous,” said WPP Chief, Martin Sorrell while speaking at Dmexo in Cologne Germany last week.

Facebook continues its wooing of journalists by introducing Signal
Signal is a new platform created by Facebook to help journalists find trending and emerging stories and content from Facebook and Instagram. The aim is to place Facebook at the heart of the news gathering process by giving journalists access to trends, photos and videos from Facebook. Facebook is striving to do the same thing it does everyday… TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD (become a number one source for news, without users even having to leave the site).

Signal appears to have taken some look and function inspiration from applications like TweetdeckSignal appears to have taken some look and function inspiration from applications like Tweetdeck

Facebook At Work is coming
Facebook’s internal collaboration tool for companies, Facebook At Work, is coming to the end of its closed beta testing period and is likely to be launched by the end of this year. The interoffice networking product is exactly the same as regular Facebook but intended for communicating at work between colleagues *pokes Colin in Finance*. It is already being tested by 100 companies and has been in use at Facebook HQ for years. Once Facebook At Work is fully live, it will be in direct competition with Slack and Microsoft’s Yammer, with one of its main advantages being that of course, everyone (even nans now, amirite?!) already knows how to use Facebook.


The world keenly awaits details of Facebook’s new ‘dislike’ button
Following Mark Zuckerberg announcing last week that Facebook is working on a ‘dislike’ button, the digital advertising world has begun guessing with gusto as to how it might actually work when it finally comes to fruition. Our Global MD, Robin Grant said:

Mark Zuckerberg has been explicit that he doesn’t want Facebook to turn into a platform for voting on posts, so a ‘dislike’ button may not appear on every post. It seems to be primarily intended for people to express empathy for a ‘sad’ post where a ‘like’ would not be not appropriate – it’s too early to see how it’ll impact brands’ use of the platform.

Twitter works with payment startup Stripe to open up ‘Buy’ buttons to all
Stripe is a San Francisco based startup who has just introduced a new product called Relay which allows retailers to sell their products within third-party apps that use Stripe, including Twitter. Although Stripe has supported Twitter’s ‘Buy’ buttons since they began to roll out last year, as of last Monday the option is now open to anyone. So on that note, I’ve got one dignity going very, VERY cheap if anyone wants it?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 16.06.07

No takers? Well if buying on Twitter doesn’t float your boat, how about donating to your favourite political candidate? Twitter has partnered with Square Inc., a mobile payment company to enable candidates to collect donations through tweets. It hasn’t hit the UK political circuit yet but I’m sure that when it does, hopefully they won’t make a pig’s mouth of it! Sorry, pig’s ear I meant, ear.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 16.14.55

Snapchat introduces its first in-app purchase & new lenses feature
Up until now Snapchat has only been making money from selling ads. That’s all changed as it has now introduced an option where people can buy three extra Replays of Snaps they’ve already watched for $0.99.


It’s also introducing lenses which can alter selfies using facial recognition software to make them vomit rainbows (among other things) – stop press! The company has said they’ll remove and add one lense every day to keep the crazy snap chat kids coming back for more (and hopefully replaying them)!

Snapchat - Vom the rainbowSnapchat – Vom the rainbow

Pinterest celebrates 100,000,000 monthly active Pinners
Since its birth in 2010, Pinterest has fast become the must visit platform for creativity and has now reached a milestone of 100,000,000 monthly active users. From Swiss beekeepers, to Canadian Landscapers and all – the mummies planning a new eco-nursery for their darling little Horatios – in-between, it can’t be said its user bank isn’t varied.

Coca-Cola become first brand to have its own emoji
Twitter has capitalised on the huge emoji trend right now by creating a custom one which appears when people tweet the hashtag #ShareACoke. Coca-Cola has also brought Vine stars like Ethan Dolan, his brother Grayson and Hayes Grier to spread the new emoji love to users. Twitter’s senior director of brand strategy Ross Hoffman said the social network chose Coca-Cola to test with as it was a “perfect opportunity to work with a nimble and smart marketer to make this happen”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 17.01.25

Nescafé ditches traditional websites for Tumblr
Hats off to Nescafé! Already Nestlé’s top-performing brand on social media, it’s now made the decision to move both its global and local sites to micro-blogging site Tumblr. Regarding the move aimed at Millennial consumers using tablets and mobile phones, Michael Chrisment, Global Head Of Integrated Marketing has said: “A key point is accessibility. In this world mobile goes first, and really the website is truly optimised for mobile smart phones and tablets”. Nescafé claim the move will make it easier to integrate user-generated content. At this stage, I’m not sure whether that includes this jittery blog post written after my perfectly balanced, nothing to worry about, five coffees for lunch.

Nutella jar personalisation campaign goes s&!t
When Nutella launched a campaign letting users personalise their own labels, did they think it would end up panning out like this? Probably. They asked users to share their labels on social media using the hashtag #mynutella and share their labels on social media using #mynutella they did. Here are some of our favourites: