Digital 2020: The United States – what you need to know

Special reports

Digital 2020: The United States is released today, our annual report on social media and digital trends in America.

The US now has 230 million active social media users and 288.1 million internet users, both up year-on-year.

Key findings include that Snapchat has outperformed all other major social media platforms for growth in its advertising audience in the last quarter. The platform saw 3.8% growth compared to Instagram’s 3.4%, Twitter’s 0.6%, and Facebook and LinkedIn’s 0%.

We can also see that TikTok is now one of the US’s most downloaded apps. The short-form video platform, which appeared in sixth place in last year’s list, is second only to Facebook Messenger in the US’s most downloaded apps of 2019, although it still trails like of Tumblr, Twitch and Reddit for usage.

For more on trends on social media, the internet, gaming, smart homes and ecommerce, read the full report here.